Why Gangajal

Why Gangajal?

Once you are convinced about the benefits that plants offer, the next step is to use them. You have two choices – either buy plants or hire them. There are inherent limitations in buying plants. One, you limit your choice. Once you buy plants, you can’t change them. Secondly, and most importantly, you need to take care of the plants. In today’s fact paced life, it is difficult to find time to take proper care of your plants on your own, and hired, skilled help is neither reliable nor available easily. Further, if something goes wrong with the plants due to negligence, you are stuck with them.
To overcome the limitations of buying plants, Gangajal Nursery, one of the oldest and trusted nurseries in Pune, has come up with an excellent solution – a full fledged plants library, where you can hire plants. Once you become a member of the library, we let you choose plants and deliver them to wherever you are located in Pune and its vicinity. Our team takes care of all the plants – be it indoor plants or outdoor plants.

Since you get a wide choice, you can keep changing plants monthly or even fortnightly. Further, we have skilled resources who take complete care of your plants. Our turnkey plant rental services are affordable and backed by trust and reliability for more than 40 years. Hiring plants from Gangajal Nursery thus let you enjoy all the benefits of plants without any of the hassles involved in buying them.

Here are the salient reasons why you should consider hiring plants from Gangajal:
  • We have a vast choice of plants at our farm.
  • We are highly organized, with a dedicated team in place.
  • Being in this business for a long time now, we always strive to use the latest technology and business practices to ensure the quality of our plants.
  • We are progressive and innovative – we are one of the first in Pune to introduce the concept of plant rentals.