Our goal at Gangajal Nursery is to develop a garden maintenance program that is tailored to your specific needs, desires, and budget. When it comes to landscape maintenance, we don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach. Because each property and homeowner is unique, we strive to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your yard is being properly cared for. In the end, it's all about giving you more time to spend in your yard rather than working on it.

Why Choose Gangajal for your Garden?

We have the knowledge and experience to provide Gardening Maintenance Services. Our experienced gardeners, who work under the supervision of our horticulturists, have extensive knowledge in the field of horticulture and ensure that watering, weeding, and mowing are done on a regular basis. Aside from that, we plant seasonal varieties and maintain the campus nursery.

Gangajal specializes in providing unmatched Garden Maintenance Services to its valued clients. We have a team of highly experienced horticulturists who can offer the best and most viable Flower Garden Maintenance suggestions. We offer advice on scientific gardening methods as well as cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, we take great care to keep the clients' point of view in mind while providing our services. Furthermore, we are regarded as the most dependable source of Lawn and Garden Maintenance services in the country.

Landscaping Design

Our services include

Lawn Maintenance

A healthy lawn grows from the ground up. We customize your lawn care program to meet the needs of your turf as well as your lifestyle. We only use fertilizers and herbicides when absolutely necessary. Customized lawn care is better for your budget, environment, and the health of your lawn. Find out more about our organic lawn care service.

Preparing a Vegetable Garden

With home-grown vegetables, you can save money on groceries while also improving your health. We can prepare your vegetable garden plot, plant locally grown organic veggie starts, remove weeds, and even harvest your vegetables for you.

Gardening Services On-Demand

We provide one-time maintenance visits to improve your landscape and relieve stress before the big event.

Annual & Container Displays

We create a design that is complementary to your home and personal style. We can make that empty courtyard, shady fence line, or unwelcoming front entryway your favorite part of the landscape by carefully selecting plants with unique texture and form. Our multi-seasonal approach to annual displays can actually benefit people's interests.

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